An Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity Transormation

Captiva Solutions provides an evolved approach to cybersecurity and privacy management.

Technology and the regulatory landscape are constantly changing, causing cybersecurity and privacy to become two of the tougher challenges currently facing many organizations.

To address these risks, we partner with our clients to proactively develop strategies to minimize future threats, fluidly adapt existing systems to the changing security landscape, and empower executives to recognize and address threats to business-critical data and systems.


Strategic Solutions

Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap Development

Captiva Solutions partners with and supports our clients as they achieve their strategic goals. We determine your security maturity level and collaboratively formulate a roadmap to achieve your strategic vision whilst ensuring integration between your cybersecurity strategy and your risk appetite.

Cybersecurity Program Management

Captiva Solutions' certified project managers are experienced at leading complex cybersecurity and technology integration projects that are delivered on time, within scope and budget. Our project managers harness best practices and fuse these elements with your organization’s unique objectives to ensure a comprehensive outcome is achieved.

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessments and Audits

Captiva Solutions collaboratively performs current state and end-state gap analysis to determine your ability to achieve your cybersecurity and compliance objectives. Our evaluation process includes automated and manual control reviews and assessments, false-positive analyses, and best-practice reviews to verify implemented controls comply with regulatory requirements such as those required by NERC and/or DFARS to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Authorization (A&A)

Captiva Solutions provides an objective view of your security posture. We take the burden off your shoulders and introduce strategies to help you monitor, manage, and mitigate risks with measurable results. We automatically flag risks, provide remediation recommendations, and track mitigation activities in clear, actionable reports for ongoing compliance reporting.

Enterprise Risk Management

Just as the management of enterprise risk requires a measured approach and activities that take into consideration threat identification, risk mitigation, and control effectiveness; the Captiva Solutions Risk Management Methodology (RMM), employs a unified approach to provide a holistic view of your IT environment, create efficiencies, and ensure accountability.

Our methodology ensures the following elements are well-developed and implemented across your organization:

Data Privacy Management

Our methodology supports a Privacy-by-Design approach, ensuring you stay ahead of new laws before they go into effect and adapt quicker with readiness assessments. We automatically identify compliance gaps and embed Privacy Impact Assessments into existing workflows that trigger assessments when processing activities or assets change.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether you need to comply with FISMA, FedRAMP, DFARS, NERC CIP or CMMC requirements, Captiva Solutions helps operationalize regulatory compliance across your organization, ensuring fines are avoided and compliance is maintained over time.

Security Documentation

Creating quality documents can be a chore. But it needs to get done. Our experts review your existing policies, plans, and processes, evaluating their ability to stand up to an in-depth review. We transform your existing processes into superior work products that align with your objectives and are easy to scale.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

After your internal self-assessment, we review your results to ensure your risk mitigation and control implementation efforts are effective. Our process allows you to obtain this crucial information in an objective manner, free from influence and control.

Technical Training and Education

Captiva Solutions has a track record of providing high-quality training programs. We understand the need for specific and all-inclusive training for our clients and their staff. From onsite training to flexible web-based courses, we design and provide effective training solutions in the following categories:

  • Cybersecurity Certifications – We deliver the insights and knowledge needed to pass your certification exam and demonstrate a higher level of competence.
  • Security Awareness and Education – We partner with you to develop and implement campaigns about threat awareness which help accelerate behavioral change, leading to a solid cyber-risk culture.
  • Role-Based – We customize security training with real-world examples for key roles within your organization.
  • Professional Development – Our courses afford you the opportunity to enhance your skills, increase your value, and attain rapid career development.

Technology Solutions

Captiva Solutions’ approach to security engineering and operations is to consolidate and analyze data from across your network, capturing critical intelligence and providing real-time insight into enterprise risk, to ensure efficiency of operations, integrity and reliability of reporting, and compliance with applicable laws. We deliver innovative technology solutions across the following domains:

Security Engineering & OperationsSecurity Engineering & Operations

Captiva Solutions helps organizations improve operational performance while improving the customer experience. Our security experts utilize an active cyber defense approach to execute security strategies that align with business goals. We have found this to be the best approach to operationalize security and still meet your objectives. Our approach positions you to proactively hunt down threats, mitigate risks, and secure emerging technologies without compromising current efficiencies.

Vulnerability Management

Our experts partner with you to identify and mitigate risks, vulnerabilities, and security weaknesses associated with your network and other assets. We consolidate and analyze data from across your organization and provide an analysis of findings as well as a detailed action plan for improving your security posture.

Penetration Testing

Through a formal engagement process, we uncover enterprise risks by performing advanced adversarial threat simulations against identified assets. Using a multi-level process, our analysts probe the network perimeter to identify vulnerabilities and then mimic the actions of actual attackers – exploiting certain weaknesses in an attempt to gain access. We then provide solutions to address deficiencies.

Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture is only effective if the correct defensive implementations are in place. Our experts work with your team to secure your cloud and on-prem environment to ensure you can optimize your operations. We design or maintain a strong security architecture that includes required defensive mechanisms and a unified set of security controls. These security controls work across your cloud environment to monitor vulnerabilities, ensure components are correctly configured, and security policies are enforced.

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