Course Offerings

Course Offerings

We provide a strong set of IT and cybersecurity training courses to meet the needs of any organization or professional. Whether you are a business in need of (role-based) training for your workforce, an organization seeking to meet regulatory compliance requirements of security awareness and education, or an independent professional wanting to earn industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications, Captiva has you covered! Our depth and breadth of training experience and results provide the assurance you need that our programs are sure to meet your requirements.

Our courses cover a wide range of cybersecurity knowledge areas expected of most Information Assurance roles and experience levels and ensure you meet your development goals and objectives. We provide training services within the following knowledge areas – information assurance, information system audit, cybersecurity, networking, operating systems, database administration, project management, and more.

Learning Paths

Our courses are designed for individuals of all skill levels. From the seasoned professional to the new entrant, our courses provide the knowledge you need to succeed in the IT and cybersecurity industry. Each course can be taken individually or progressively to build your knowledge or skills through a continuous personal development trajectory. We provide the flexibility to customize your curriculum by creating bundles that fit you or your team’s specific learning goals. You can select any combination of courses from our offerings to create your custom curriculum.

Each phase of your professional development with Captiva builds on a specific area that is leveraged and supplemented by courses in the next domain. All of our Level two and Level three courses build upon skills developed in earlier classes. It is important that you are proficient with the skills presented in these foundational classes before moving on to the next level.