CMMC Training Services

CMMC Curriculum Development & Training Services

CAPTIVA SOLUTIONS, as a CMMC-AB Licensed Partner Publisher, provides certification training and education on CMMC specific requirements for your staff and leadership involved in the CMMC audit and assessment process. Early in the process of curriculum development, we got a behind-the-scenes view of the CMMC Model first-hand, partner with the CMMC-AB (the "keepers of the Ecosystem"), and provide in-depth understanding of the CMMC Model through extensive evaluation and research.

For Certified Professionals & Certified Assessors

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CMMC-AB Approved Courseware & Training Programs

Captiva Solutions has years of experience developing robust courses and delivering training to individuals and teams across various industry verticals. Our courses meet the needs of any organization or professional. Over the years, we have provided role-based training to meet specific workforce needs, security awareness and education to meet regulatory compliance requirements, and certification training for professionals looking to earn industry-recognized certifications.

CMMC Training Paths & Resources

More details on our CMMC-AB approved courseware and training programs will be provided soon.