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With the extreme skills shortage, Captiva Solutions is on a mission to Enlighten the Future. We are dedicated to educating tomorrow’s league of cyber warriors with real-life skills for next-generation security problems; arming them with the knowledge and tactics to protect organizations. Our training courses are aligned with Department of Defense (DoD) 8140 (DoDD 8570) [1] certification directive and combine theory, real-world application and post-class support formulated into our Real-Skills-for-Real-Jobs™ methodology. Our leading-edge certification and training courses are taught by industry experts and provide you with technical knowledge, value-add content, and needed skills you need, ensuring you maximize your training investment and gain zero-day skills.


[1] This mandate requires that all DoD information assurance workers obtain a professional certification accredited under the global ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024

Training Objective

To help you achieve your certification goals while exceeding your expectations

Training Mission

To educate and empower the next generation of cyber warriors using a Real-Skills-for-Real-Jobs™ approach, providing students with the knowledge and technical skills they need to succeed from Day One.

Training Methodology

We employ the Real-Skill-for-Real-Jobs (RS4RJ)™ training methodology to equip you with real-world practical knowledge. Our RS4RJ training methodology simplifies the complex nature of IT and cybersecurity concepts to guarantee success in the real-world. In addition, using our methodology we completely deliver the technical knowledge required to pass the actual certification exam.

RS4RJ™ Benefits

  • Immediate utilization in real world settings of knowledge and skills gained in class
  • Recognition of technical knowledge and expertise leading to increased value. 
  • A customized stash of takeaway tools, guides, resources, and relevant learning material. 
  • Post class support for hassle-free real-world application. 
  • Seasoned expert instructors who are industry practitioners. 

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