Technology Solutions


Captiva Solutions approach to security engineering and operations consolidates and analyzes data from across your network, capturing critical intelligence and providing real-time insight into enterprise risk to ensure efficiency of operations, integrity and reliability of reporting, and compliance with applicable laws. We deliver innovative technology solutions across the following domains:

Security Engineering & Operations

How do you focus on managing your current security operations, while developing new areas of business and securing and improving existing services?

That’s where Captiva Solutions comes in. Improving operational performance while improving the customer experience is what we know and do well.

Our security experts utilize an active cyber defense approach to execute security strategies that align with business goals. We have found this to be the best approach to operationalize security and still meet your objectives.

Our approach positions you to proactively hunt down threats, mitigate risks, and secure emerging technologies without compromising your current operational environment.

Vulnerability Management

Our experts partner with you to identify and mitigate risks, vulnerabilities, and security weaknesses associated with your network and other assets. We consolidate and analyze data from across your organization, provide an analysis of findings, and a detailed action plan for improving your security posture.

Penetration Testing

Through a formal engagement process, we uncover enterprise risks by performing advanced adversarial threat simulation against identified assets.

Using a multi-level process, our analysts probe the network perimeter to identify vulnerabilities and then mimic the actions of actual attackers – exploiting certain weaknesses in an attempt to gain access. We then provide solutions to address deficiencies.

Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture is effective only if the correct defensive implementations are in place. Our experts work with your team to secure your cloud and on-prem environment to ensure you can optimize your operations.

We design or maintain a strong security architecture that includes required defensive mechanisms and a unified set of security controls that work across your cloud environment to monitor vulnerabilities, ensure components are correctly configured, and security policies are enforced.