Strategic Solutions


Captiva Solutions partners with and supports our clients to achieve their strategic goals. Collaborating with businesses, federal agencies, and IT teams, we perform current state and end-state gap analysis, evaluate and recommend innovative technical tools, and assess operational processes to determine an optimal technology solution.

Strategic Technology Consulting

An Integrated Approach to Cybersecurity Transformation

Captiva Solutions provides an evolved approach to cybersecurity and privacy management. With the constantly evolving nature of organizations and changing legal and regulatory landscapes, it has resulted in cybersecurity and privacy becoming two of the tougher challenges currently facing organizations.

To address these risks, Captiva Solutions partners with our clients to proactively develop strategies to minimize future threats, fluidly adapt existing systems to the changing security landscape, and enable executives recognize, analyze, and address third-party and regulatory compliance risks to avoid potential threats to business-critical data and systems. We increase access to data while simultaneously preserving its integrity and help our clients work through the complexities of various cybersecurity requirements all while actively deploying defensive countermeasures that prevent exploitation or misuse of cyber infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap Development

A strong cybersecurity strategy is necessary to manage enterprise risks. Captiva Solutions ensures strategic integration between your cybersecurity strategy, other organizational risk management strategies, and your risk appetite. We determine your security maturity level and collaboratively formulate a roadmap.

Enterprise Risk Management

The management of enterprise risk requires security control selection, specification, and activities that take into consideration threat identification, risk mitigation, control effectiveness. Similarly, the Captiva Solutions Risk Management Methodology (RMM), employs a unified approach to provide a holistic view of your IT environment, create efficiencies, and ensure accountability. Our RMM ensures the following elements are well-developed and implemented across your organization:

Cybersecurity Audits and Assessments

Captiva Solutions’ experts provide a thorough evaluation of your organization to identify system vulnerabilities, critical program deficiencies, control weakness and to determine the adequacy of existing controls, adherence to industry regulations and best practices such as NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), ISO 27001, and Control Objectives for Information Technology (CoBIT).

Our evaluation process includes manual control reviews, automated assessments, false-positive analyses, and best-practice reviews to verify implemented controls comply with regulatory requirements. We automatically flag risks, recommend remediation, and track mitigation activities in clear actionable reports.

Data Privacy Management

Global privacy laws like the GDPR and CCPA have required organizations to change the way they think about privacy. With Captiva Solutions your organization can pinpoint where personal data resides, discover how it is used, and streamline your ability to manage and respond to regulatory requirements.

Using our methodology, we automatically identify compliance gaps and associated risks and we embed Privacy Impact Assessments into existing workflows that trigger assessments when processing activities or assets change.

Our methodology empowers organizations to take a Privacy-by-Design approach with user-friendly self-service tools, ensuring you stay ahead of new laws before they go into effect and adapt quicker with readiness assessments.

Regulatory Compliance

Captiva Solutions helps operationalize regulatory compliance across your organization ensuring your organization avoids fines and maintains ongoing compliance over time. We work with your team to build-in and proactively manage your security requirements thereby achieving your compliance objectives.

Our research-backed strategy of staying abreast of the ever-changing security threat and compliance landscape ensures we enable you uphold the highest-possible security posture for your environment.

Our solutions are designed to meet your organization’s regulatory requirements such as those required by GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FFEIC, OMB, FISMA, FedRAMP SB 1386, ISO 17799, DFARS, GDPR, and CMMC. We support your team in identifying security gaps, assessing controls, and providing remediation support.

Independent Verification & Validation

After your internal self-assessment, Captiva Solutions reviews your results to ensure your risk mitigation and control implementation efforts are effective.

Our independent verification and validation services allow you to obtain this crucial information in an environment free from the influence, guidance and control of the development effort and system ownership.

Our evaluation process includes control reviews, automated assessments, and best-practice reviews to verify implemented controls comply with regulatory requirements.

We automatically flag risks, recommend remediation, and track mitigation activities in clear actionable reports.

Program Management

Cybersecurity Program Management

Captiva Solutions certified project managers are experienced at leading complex cybersecurity and technology integration programs delivering on time, within scope and budget using best practices, while blending these with your organization’s unique objectives.


Security Training, Awareness, and Education

Captiva Solutions has a track record of providing high quality, instructor-led training programs. We understand the need for specific and all-inclusive training for our clients and their staff. We utilize a proprietary Real-Skills-for-Real-Jobs™ (RS4RJ™) training methodology that maximizes your training investment. Our RS4RJ methodology integrates powerful real-world skills using hands-on exercises to distill complex theoretical concepts.

Our training classes are aligned with Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8140 (DoDD 8570) and NIST’s National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework and have been vetted and certified by National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program, enabling Captiva Solutions offer CPE eligible classes.

Our training services include the following types of courses:

> Cybersecurity Certifications – We deliver the insights and knowledge needed to pass your specific certification exam and attain rapid career development.

> Security Awareness and Education – We assist organizations to develop and implement a well-defined cyber risk culture, and educate employees about threat awareness to help accelerate behavioral change.

> Role-Based – We provide security training customized to your specific role with real-world examples.

> Professional Development – Our courses afford you the opportunity to enhance your skills and increase your value.

Our training services include the following types of courses in the following knowledge areas – information assurance, information system audit, cybersecurity, networking, database administration, and project management.