An Integrated Approach To IT Transformation

At Captiva Solutions, we focus on integrated solutions designed to transform your business. We work with various customer segments, including Government, Commercial, and Private sectors, helping organizations make the most out of new technologies and find new opportunities to grow and create value.

Our league of experienced professionals offers a broad spectrum of services. Our approach focuses on supporting our clients at the grass-roots level ensuring security and compliance measures are woven into the fabric of their decision-making process while at the same time keeping their budget on track improving productivity and managing risk.

Real-World Technology Solutions!

Today, the importance of data management, risk management, and cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Businesses, organizations, and governments are constantly looking for safer more efficient IT solutions to streamline business processes and safeguard data from hackers and other cyber threats.

At Captiva Solutions we offer real-world IT solutions that are instrumental in meeting and exceeding business IT goals and objectives.

Contact us today and speak with one of our expert consultants to learn more about how Captiva Solutions can add value to your business in this ever-evolving security landscape.

Cloud Computing

To compete in today’s world on-demand access to all of your applications and data is a must. Luckily, the cloud provides a secure space to host your data, programs, and infrastructure. Captiva Solutions helps provide access to the latest high-speed, top-performing technologies to optimize your operations. Our cloud computing solutions eliminate unnecessary hardware, protect your data, improve mobility and save you money.

Cybersecurity Design, Operations, and Audits

Our cybersecurity technology experts meet your security needs for full- lifecycle design, development, and operations; addressing security and compliance regulations integral to establishing a strong security posture. Our approach positions you to secure emerging technologies without compromising your current operational environment while ensuring compliance with required laws and regulations.

Support Services

IT Strategic Planning & CIO Support

Whether you’re developing a strategic plan for the first time or redefining your business strategy and IT Road map, Captiva Solutions can help set you up for success. Our Strategic Planning process is designed to provide you with a complete assessment of the quality of your plan. We examine your goals, measures, techniques and monitoring process to identify the strengths of your existing plan as well as areas
that may warrant attention and possible adjustments.

Network Engineering and Infrastructure Support

At Captiva Solutions, we understand your network is a critical business tool. Our team of experts can help whether you are concerned with internetworking service requirements and developing the required hardware and software or trying to design and manage computer networks and network topologies; we can help implement the right solution for your environment. Giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Program and Project Management

Our program and project management services include the ability to manage programs, projects, and tasks efficiently. We develop and implement processes for managing projects using best practices while blending these with your organization’s unique objectives

Managed Security Services

Improving your operational performance while improving the customer experience can be a tough challenge. How do you focus on managing your current security operations, developing new areas of business, and improving existing services? That’s where we come in. Our approach consolidates and analyzes data from across your organization, capturing critical intelligence and providing real-time insight into enterprise risk to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, integrity, and reliability of reporting, and compliance with applicable laws. Our Managed Security Service plan includes Endpoint Security, Network Security, and Security Monitoring.