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Technology and the regulatory landscape are constantly changing, causing
cybersecurity and privacy to become two of the tougher challenges currently
facing many organizations. We provide cutting-edge solutions to address your evolving risks.

The dynamic nature of technology and the regulatory landscape is a constant interplay between innovation, societal needs, and government responses. Keeping up with these changes is vital for businesses to adapt, thrive, and ensure that technology is harnessed for the greater good. Captiva Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through these challenges.

How We Can Help

At Captiva, we understand the importance of securing your digital assets and safeguarding your organization’s reputation. With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to your business needs. Our mission is to empower your organization to thrive in today’s digital world with confidence and peace of mind.

Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap Development

Captiva Solutions partners with and supports our clients as they achieve their strategic goals. We determine your security maturity level and collaboratively formulate a roadmap to achieve your strategic vision whilst ensuring integration between your cybersecurity strategy and your risk appetite.

Cybersecurity Program Management

Captiva Solutions’ certified project managers are experienced at leading complex cybersecurity and technology integration projects that are delivered on time, within scope and budget. Our project managers harness best practices and fuse these elements with your organization’s unique objectives to ensure a comprehensive outcome is achieved.

Enterprise Risk Management

Captiva Solutions provides an objective view of your security posture. We take the burden off your shoulders and introduce strategies to help you monitor, manage, and mitigate risks with measurable results. We automatically flag risks, provide remediation recommendations, and track mitigation activities in clear, actionable reports for ongoing compliance reporting.

Cybersecurity Readiness Assessments and Audits

Captiva Solutions collaboratively performs current-state and end-state assessments to determine your ability to achieve your cybersecurity and compliance objectives. Our evaluation process includes automated and manual control reviews and assessments, false-positive analyses, and best-practice reviews to verify implemented controls comply with regulatory requirements such as those required by NERC and/or DFARS to protect our nation’s critical infrastructure.

CIO/CISO Support

CIO and CISO support are essential for the successful management of an organization’s technology and security functions. Having a specialized partner like Captiva Solutions can complement the expertise of CIOs and CISOs and enhance an organization’s overall cybersecurity posture and technology management.

Security Engineering & Operations

Captiva Solutions helps organizations improve operational performance while improving the customer experience. Our security experts utilize an active cyber defense approach to execute security strategies that align with business goals. We have found this to be the best approach to operationalize security and still meet your objectives. Our approach positions you to proactively hunt down threats, mitigate risks, and secure emerging technologies without compromising current efficiencies.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a critical aspect of cybersecurity and IT management. We use a proactive approach to help organizations stay ahead of threats by regularly identifying and addressing potential weaknesses before they can be exploited by attackers. Our process focuses on identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities within software, hardware, and network systems.

Penetration Testing

Through a formal engagement process, we uncover enterprise risks by performing advanced adversarial threat simulations against identified assets. Using a multi-level process, our analysts probe the network perimeter to identify vulnerabilities and then mimic the actions of actual attackers – exploiting certain weaknesses in an attempt to gain access. We then provide solutions to address deficiencies.

Cloud Security

Cloud security architecture is only effective if the correct defensive implementations are in place. Our experts work with your team to secure your cloud and on-prem environment to ensure you can optimize your operations. We design or maintain a strong security architecture that includes required defensive mechanisms and a unified set of security controls. These security controls work across your cloud environment to monitor vulnerabilities, ensure components are correctly configured, and security policies are enforced.

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