Captiva Solutions is a CMMC Licensed Partner Publisher

Captiva Solutions is a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) for the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB)1! This new partnership will allow Captiva to join an ecosystem of accredited cybersecurity companies working towards training and credentialing the workforce of the future and ultimately protecting the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) supply chain.

As one of 11 CMMC-AB Licensed Partner Publishers (LPPs), Captiva Solutions, early in the process of curriculum development, got a behind-the-scenes view of the CMMC Model first-hand, partnered with the CMMC-AB (the "keepers of the CMMC Ecosystem"), and provides an in-depth understanding of the CMMC Model through extensive evaluation and research.

[1] The CMMC-AB is the authorized independent accreditation entity created in January 2020 that is responsible for establishing, managing, controlling and administering the CMMC assessment, training, certification, and accreditation processes for the defense supply chain.

CMMC Curriculum

CMMC-AB Authorized Training Material

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CMMC-AB Authorized Training Material


Can you describe your curricula development process?

Our CMMC curricula is developed by our cybersecurity subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers, and instructors who are seasoned industry practitioners. It is based on extensive research and input from SMEs who have years of experience performing evidence-based assessments. Our CMMC curricula is based on the information found in the CMMC model, appendices, assessment process, and other authoritative sources. It is supplemented as necessary with relevant industry best practices. We ensure our material aligns with the objectives of the respective CMMC certification exam and we work with the CMMC-AB and their content reviewer and certifier to ensure it meets stringent Department of Defense standards.

Our curricula reinforce the exam objectives and provides the tools needed to excel on the exam.

What is included as part of the instructor kit?

The instructor kit includes an Instructor Guide and Lesson Plans.

Do I still need to create lesson plans?

No. Our training curricula is packaged with Lesson Plans, Instructor Guide, Participant Guide and more.

Does your curricula include hands-on activities and interactive materials?

Each lesson comes with hands-on activities simulating real life experiences. At the heart of the curricula are the mock assessments, case studies and a capstone project. The capstone project is a unique, hands-on interactive training tool.

How often will your curricula be revised to take into consideration regulatory updates?

Depending on the frequency of regulatory updates, our curricula will be reviewed at the very least annually to incorporate significant updates. Due to the need to maintain compliance with the CMMC model and relevant authoritative standards, after such updates, we would need to ensure our curricula is reviewed and recertified ensuring it meets the rigorous requirements that have been established.

Do you provide additional support or services?

We provide a Learning Management System (LMS) that can be set up with restricted access to meet your unique needs.

What is required of us to use/implement your curricula?

Please give us a call to discuss your unique needs and the best way to partner with us to use/implement our curricula.

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