Captiva Solutions delivers exceptional talent to our clients by recruiting and retaining top-tier subject matter experts with industry-leading compensation and benefits. We competitively offer these capabilities through a low-overhead small business structure.

An extensive background which includes defining breakthrough technology solutions, IT infrastructure support, and Cybersecurity management, is the standard for all Captiva Solutions employees. Our entire team holds multiple certifications, to include network administration, database administration, information security management, information system auditing, security administration, and project management.

Captiva Solutions is a company that strives to hire and retain exceptional employees while promoting a culture of creativity and personal growth. We do this by offering our employees the best compensation and benefits package in our industry combined with excellent incentives for career growth.



Employees are eligible to receive the following benefits:

Competitive salaries
Paid annual leave
Federal holidays
Retirement plan
Education assistance and professional training reimbursements
Medical, dental and vision insurance plans
Computer Equipment


Captiva’s corporate culture is horizontal (collaborative, all-inclusive).We foster an environment that is collaborative, passionate and accountable. We encourage collaboration at all levels between various roles and teams. We seek out talent from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about our services, demonstrating our inclusive culture. Team members are encouraged early on to test their wings by taking ownership of tasks and projects, which helps everyone see the purpose and value in their work as part of the company as a whole. We also promote continuous learning by providing each employee with the tools and opportunities to expand their knowledge and gain new skills.


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