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Welcome To

Captiva Solutions, The Ultimate Cohort for Your Cybersecurity Needs

The Key To Better Risk Management

Captiva Solutions is your trusted partner for all your IT and cybersecurity concerns. Using cutting-edge technology, adaptive systems, dedicated resources and the highest levels of skills and expertise we offer comprehensive IT solutions at competitive rates.

Captiva Solutions is also dedicated to providing Real-Skills-for-Real-Jobs IT training programs designed to offer a wide variety of intermediate and advanced level IT courses that are recognized worldwide.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality of support, consulting and management skills in the industry, to help better streamline business IT processes, and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Our Story

Captiva Solutions, LLC was founded in 2010 as one woman's vision to provide training to students looking to earn IT and cybersecurity certifications. Since its inception, the company has made the transition to providing award-winning IT solutions, products and services to a vast range of businesses and government organizations.

Our Mission

To guide our clients through the security threat and compliance landscape and train the next generation of cyberwarriors.

Our Vision

To enlighten the future of Cybersecurity Solutions!

Our Belief

At Captiva Solutions, we operate with shared values of Teamwork, Results, Integrity, Innovation, Passion, and Professionalism.

Our Promise

We guarantee affordable, scalable solutions using innovative and adaptive technology to create maximum returns on security investments (ROSI).

Our Services

Captiva Solutions offers a diverse range of IT and cybersecurity services and solutions that are designed to meet your needs. Whether you are a business in need of IT support, an organization seeking to improve risk management and regulatory compliance, or an independent professional wanting to learn essential real-world skills needed in top cybersecurity jobs. Captiva Solutions has you covered!

Cybersecurity Consulting

IT Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (IT GRC)

Cybersecurity Training

Real-Skills-For-Real-Jobs (RS4RJ) training methodology

Transformational Change

IT Strategic Planning & CIO Support

Our Process

At Captiva Solutions, our clients are always top priority! Cybersecurity and risk management can be exceedingly complex and most business owners do not have the time to tackle the details. Thus, our process ensures that we engage our clients to better identify their needs and offer solutions that can be easily understood. Our process then ensures the transition to more functional solutions is smooth and achieved through a partnership. We enlighten the various stakeholders and deliver results that lead to increased productivity and efficiency, transforming the organization's future business operations.



Engage & Identify



Partner & Enlighten



Deliver & Transform


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