Consulting Solutions

     Today’s threat landscape demands that security be treated as a business risk similar to other business risks, such as financial, operational, and strategic risks. Organizations are required to comply with countless regulations as well as defend their enterprises from ever-evolving security threats.  Sadly, many are not equipped to handle this growing concern. Captiva Solutions, however has the expertise to help deliver this mandate! We provide an evolved approach to IT and cybersecurity concerns using cutting edge solutions. Proactively developing strategies to diminish threats, fluidly adapt existing systems to the changing security landscape, and increasing access to data while simultaneously preserving its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.Ready to Learn More About our Services? Click here for more information.

CISA/CISM Training

Risk Management Methodology

The management of enterprise risk requires security control selection, specification, and activities that take into consideration threat identification, risk mitigation, control effectiveness and efficiency. These are key elements of an effective information security program central to the Captiva Solutions Risk Management Methodology (RMM).

Like gears in a well-oiled machine, our risk management methodology adopts a unified approach to provide a holistic view of the IT environment, create efficiencies, and ensure accountability. An effective assessment framework that places equal emphasis on protecting people, processes, and technology, the Captiva Solutions RMM includes the following features:

  • A structured yet flexible approach for managing risk
  • A modular customizable security management process
  • A holistic assessment tool capable of addressing requirements of multiple regulations
  • Integrates technical and nontechnical security controls to protect information systems
  • Creates a process for system owners and security officers to follow in daily operations

By integrating our methodology organizations can:

  • Determine critical systems and assets that need to be protected
  • Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and impact should they occur
  • Pinpoint regulatory requirements and or compliance mandates
  • Benchmark business practices

Note: For maximum value, any of our services can be delivered independently as separate modules or in combination with our Risk Management Methodology.

Consulting Solutions

Solutions for Different Customers

At Captiva Solutions, we focus on integrated solutions designed to transform your business. We work with several customer segments; with Governments, to help you make the most out of new technologies; with Commercial organizations, finding new opportunities for you to grow and create value. We also have solutions targeting the Utility and Financial Industries.  Our consulting solutions include:

IT Governance, Risk, & Compliance (IT GRC)

Our IT GRC solutions increase productivity, eliminate redundancy, ensure interoperability, and interfaces the client with the process.  Our seasoned experts help you overcome risk and compliance challenges that impact your organization. They help you enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve your operational efficiency.

Managed Security Implementations

Our approach consolidates and analyzes data from across your organization’s network, capturing critical intelligence and providing real-time insight into enterprise risk to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of operations, integrity and reliability of reporting, and compliance with applicable laws.

Cyber Security Consulting, Design, and Assessment

Our cyber security technology experts meet your security needs for full-lifecycle development, addressing security and compliance regulations integral to establishing a strong security posture. Our approach positions our clients to secure emerging technologies without compromising their current operational environment.

IT Strategic Planning & CIO Support

Whether you’re developing a strategic plan for the first time or redefining your business strategy and IT Roadmap, Captiva Solutions helps set up your organization for success. Our Strategic Planning process is designed to provide you with a complete assessment of the quality of your plan. We examine your goals, measures, techniques and monitoring process to identify the strengths of your existing plan as well as areas that may warrant attention and possible adjustments.

Network Engineering and Infrastructure Support

Our experts can help whether you are concerned with internetworking service requirements for switched networks and developing the required hardware and software or trying to design and manage computer networks and network topologies; we can help implement the right solution for your environment.