About Us

Our Background

Captiva Solutions, LLC started out in 2010 as one person’s dream to provide training to students looking to earn IT and Cybersecurity certifications. Upon realizing most of the certification domains do not provide much-needed job skills we decided to strategically bundle our courses with some of the most powerful real-world skills to give students the foundation they need to succeed from Day One! From this model our Real-Skills-for-Real-Jobs™  methodology was born. Since then, we have slowly made the transition into IT and cybersecurity consulting and professional services with the same commitment to excellence and innovative adapted solutions.

Our Experience

It is our mission at Captiva Solutions to protect your organization from cyber-attacks by providing you with knowledge, forward-thinking solutions, and cutting-edge technologies.  We are recognized IT and cybersecurity experts who partner with our clients to deliver a wide range of cyber effect services and solutions to take the customer organization to the desired state of resilience.

Our expert team of consultants has many years of experience in the IT and cybersecurity industry. They are practitioners who manage large technology implementations, administer complex network and database operations, maintain your security posture, and conduct comprehensive regulatory compliance audits. When they are not working in the field, they are busy sharing their knowledge in the classroom.

Our Promise

At Captiva Solutions, customer satisfaction is paramount to our beliefs and we do everything we can to make sure our clients are happy with our services. When you hire us here’s what you will get:

  • Affordable, scalable solutions that create maximum value and return on security investment (ROSI).
  • The guarantee of our work through superior quality solutions and services that address your needs.
  • Enduring partnerships that help you operationalize and develop a mature, comprehensive and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy and approach.

Our Beliefs

At Captiva Solutions, we operate with shared values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Innovation, Passion, and Professionalism. We use the acronym TRIIPP to easily integrate these values into our organizational culture.

Our Foresight and Innovation Lead to Cutting-Edge Solutions

We are constantly analyzing undefined solutions and new technologies and keep a keen eye on industry trends and developments that could impact your business. We pursue new strategic relationships, focus on innovation, and because you are at the core of our operations, make sure you are not caught off-guard by new advances.


To leverage the power of proven technology that fit the business model of our clients as we help leaders solve distinct problems, assist partners in achieving their goals, and offer solutions to increase strategic value.


To be the vendor of choice transforming traditional IT and cybersecurity consulting and training solutions by driving efficient business processes through an integrated suite of services.